1st Party Data Solution

Collecting 1st party data can be can be a challenge for any business. It’s especially challenging when the data streams are not integrated and multiple source options exist.

The solution is a lightweight, customized technology product that allows the businesses to acquire 1st party data across nearly any source to funnel and process that data in real time. That means any source – whether print or digital can provide the opportunity to collect data in a consistent manor and process that data in real time.

Vanda’s 1st Party Data Solution can be applied at tactical level of your data strategy efforts. A solution can be integrated across many channels simultaneously or can vary based on strategic platforms and reach.

This creative mobile solution can streamline and centralize your 1st party data collection across multiple initiatives or serve as a robust marketing tool to be used on a campaign by campaign basis.

Reduce cross-platform data collection Costs
Centralize your 1st party data collection
Mobile-first progressive profiling
Real-Time CRM/DCP Data Integration

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