Strategic Mobile Consulting

If you’re a little lost in the mobile world, or are curious as to how mobile can boost your company’s reach, growth and customer conversation, we can lend a hand. Vanda offers baseline strategic advise to all of our customers, but we understand some businesses may need more than just friendly advise. To service those businesses, we offer a strategy consulting product that takes a deep dive into your business, your customers and any current mobile marketing campaigns you may be running.

Call us at 800-410-5892 or text STRATEGY to 82632 to get connected with a Vanda agent to discuss your strategy needs today!

Business Discovery

We love to learn all about our clients! Our strategy sessions are creative collaborations between ourselves and YOU, where ideas can flow freely. We learn about your business, your customers and any existing marketing efforts you may currently be utilizing.

Once we’ve finished the discovery, Vanda creates a hand-crafted strategy that fits your needs and can integrate with any existing ongoing marketing efforts you may currently be executing. Vanda can offer these strategy consulations for clients who use outside texting vendors as well as those who use the Vanda platform tools.

Vanda provides a strategy roadmap for existing marketing campaigns

Engage Your Customer

Customer engagement is a primary focus of Vanda’s strategy services

When it comes to mobile marketing, Vanda understands that customer engagement is one of biggest keys to success in any campaign. Because we take the time to get to know our clients AND their customers, we are able to craft a strategy that drives a deeper engagement and a better conversation with your customer.

Timing and message content are two key factors for creating a strong engagement, and the Vanda team has a collective 10 years of proven experience in creating and executing successful campaign strategies.


As with any industry, mobile marketing has laws and guidelines that must be adhered to. Vanda understands these laws and follows best practices with every product to ensure you and your campaigns are compliant every step of the way.

Vanda helps your business remain compliant with mobile marketing.