Creative Mobile Solutions

A creative mobile solution is a lightweight, highly configurable and cost effective technology product that solves a specific challenge that a business, industry or consumer base face by engineering different mobile technologies together, productizing a solution. Our solutions utilize a variety of mobile technologies, provide a wide range of integration options and solve business or industry specific challenges.

We call our solutions ‘tailored-turn-key’, because many of them can be implemented within 30 days, using our pre-engineered application – we’ve done the heavy lifting already – once we know your key integration platforms and challenges you face, we’ll be able to implement a solution rapidly.

Our solutions – and our company – is meant to be a painless experience for our clients and their customers – we make day-to-day easier with mobile.

We have three Tailored Turn-key products available today, along with consulting services.

More products are slated for 2024, so be sure to check back often for those announcements!