Subscription Renewal Solution

Take your subscription renewals and re-qualifications mobile with Vanda’s Renewal Solution – a lightweight, highly configurable and cost-effective technology product that guides the print audience through a rapid renewal or re-qualification process, executed directly through their phone, often, in under 2 minutes.

Publishers and Media companies big and small face the perpetual challenge of subscription renewals. Embracing the print audience into digital spaces presents an additional challenge, as the divide between printed media and the digital world is not easily bridged.

Our Renewal Solution not only makes renewals and re-qualifications easy and faster – with real time circulation data exchange – but it also bridges that divide between print and digital. Each solution is tailored to your specific data needs – request nearly any customer and subscription data point necessary to your business goals.

Reduce Renewal and Re-qualification Costs
Engage Your Print Audience, Digitally
Automate Workflows and Streamline Operations
Real-Time Circulation Integration

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